| 23 July 2024, Tuesday |

Hezbollah and Captagon: A pomegranate with “FULL” seads.


After Saudi Arabia announced the seizure of large quantities of Captagon pills exported to it from Lebanon through a shipment of pomegranates, the Kingdom announced that it would prevent the import of vegetables and fruits from Lebanon so that the Lebanese authorities would ensure the halt of smuggling into its territories, which was a very severe blow to the Lebanese economy, especially in light of the current crisis. As the Lebanese exports to Saudi Arabia last year amounted to about 82 million 549 thousand dollars, and direct exports to Saudi Arabia and transit through its lands constitute 57% of the total agricultural production in Lebanon last year.Lebanon’s exports reached about 3 billion and 300 million dollars. Saudi Arabia occupied the first destination of the volume of these exports to the Arab market, accounting for 13%, so what if Saudi Arabia prevented full imports from Lebanon? What if other Arab countries followed suit, fearing drug exports to it?

So, we are facing a loss of more than 80 million dollars, in addition to the anticipated recession in agricultural production, especially in citrus and potatoes. This Saudi operation leads us to a legitimate question, what is the relationship between Hassan Ducco , who is close to the official of the Liaison and Coordination Unit in the “Hezbollah” organization, who was arrested on the tenth of April and where  more than 3 million dollars in cash in his home in Ramlet al-Bayda were confiscated

There are many suspicions about “Hezbollah” in the drug trade, it increased more recently after a prominent number of its leaders around the world were caught plaintiff of crimes involved in the drug dealings. Hezbollah took advantage of its control of the Beirut port, in addition to its control of Rafic Hariri International Airport, to transport all what it want via private planes, an issue  that were reported by several international reports.