| 23 February 2024, Friday |

History in danger of disappearing… heritage buildings removed from the map

These barns will be demolished very soon. And the dates of restoration of this heritage building are still far away.
William was able to secure funding to restore the walls of his restaurant, but the ruined relationship with the owner of the building was not repaired by any initiative.

His lease has not yet expired. The owner is armed with a law requiring his approval of the request for a license for restoration.
The Engineers Syndicate volunteered and conducted a survey two years ago.
The syndicate announced that there are more than eight hundred properties damaged by the explosion in the Gemmayzeh area only, including heritage buildings.

Thirty-seven percent of the buildings have not yet begun restoration, due to the complications of obtaining permits. Parliament enacted a law after the port erupted on the ownership of real estate in the affected area.
Facts prove that the influential people managed to bypass the law.
They carried out several real estate purchases within a wide wave of speculation.

Vigorous attempts to restore the collapse in Lebanon are countered by a stagnation in the restoration of heritage buildings, and the reason is the desire of some building owners to replace them with investment properties. Real estate, if built, would erase one of Beirut’s most important historical features.


  • Sawt Beirut International