| 1 March 2024, Friday |

Hookah and psychological issues

Sigmund Freud links most human behaviors with the psychological knots accumulated from the moment we are born, and he was the most prominent in linking these behaviors to life and sexual knots, and the most important of these behaviors is smoking, which is directly related to the act of “libido” associated with oral pleasure. But what does this issue have to do with the sudden spread of hookah smoking in Lebanon, which for about 15 years was rare among the people, and limited to old cafes for the elderly? How did it spread in the collective unconscious in Lebanon? Why do Arabs in general and Lebanese in particular love hookah?

Smoking is one of the common behaviors in our country because cigarettes are easily available, and it has become part of our daily culture, according to Dr. Salama’s description.

The more our worries increase, the more the smoking rate will increase. The Lebanese believe in the myth of “blowing on it and it will clear up.” Perhaps with the rising smoke they will blow their inner anger, but the problem is that once the psychological problem diminishes, it is replaced by a health problem.

The smoke is linked to the psychological knot, so either we try to undo the knot or change the hookah head

  • Sawt Beirut International