| 19 April 2024, Friday |

How do you know you will get rich?

1. You focus on earning more than saving:

Saving money helps to build wealth, but don’t focus on it more than profit

2. Constantly invest your money:

The sooner a person starts investing, the better for them. On average, the wealthy invest 20% of their income each year.

3. Do not look for fixed salary:

The average person seeks a stable salary, while the rich prefer to take money based on the results of their work.
There are those who get a fixed salary and can make good fortunes.

4. Stay away from buying things you can’t afford:

A person who buys things that are expensive and beyond his means will never get rich, even if he starts to earn more or gets bonuses.

5. Follow your dreams…not someone else’s dreams.

Recognizing success depends on doing what you love to do. Many people make mistakes when pursuing other people’s dreams.

6. Have a long-term plan:

Three out of four wealthy young people are pursuing a long-term plan to grow their investments, so that they have future plans in mind that they aspire to implement.

7. You are fierce and risky.

If you have the appropriate ferocity to break into new and multiple areas that carry some kind of risk, and you have a long-term view, then you have the same quality as all the rich people in the world.

8. Live in a capitalist country:

If you live in a capitalist country that has a free market and allows citizens to own private property, this will increase the likelihood that you will rise to the rich quickly.

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