| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

How does the white army live in Saida Governmental Hospital?

‘Give the employee  his right before his sweat dries up’, so how about if they were soldiers of a different kind facing an invisible enemy armed with white robes and waging a fierce war with determination and resilience against a virus that killed humanity. They are the White Army deployed in the yards of hospitals, health and vaccination centers, but in Saida Governmental Hospital, their suffering does not end. The employees live in poor living and financial conditions, and their salaries are not worth anything in the face of the of the national currency exchange deterioration, which is not sufficient for the first ten days of the month.

One of the nurses told “Voice of Beirut International” correspondent Sarah Shehadeh, “We demand the administration and the ministries but no one listens , and the active bodies in Sidon are “sleeping”, we are not getting our least right , that is our salary and if we don’t get paid, we cannot secure the sustenance of our day.” And another said, “Since 13 years and I hope to receive my whole salary every month, no one cares. I have two sons, a house rent, a bank loan, and school fees. ”Another said,“ We ​​are on the eve of Ramadan, how will we live? ”

These people got very weary and lost their minimum rights, and they did not even get the basic necessities of a decent living. Fatima, who worked for years in Saida Governmental Hospital, tells how her salary is barely worth $ 50, (if she gets it ) and said, “How will this salary be sufficient to pay for the house rent and the water, electricity and food bill. My children are orphans, as are the children of my daughter. My son is unemployed and he is a kidney patient. I borrow money to live, have mercy on us. We died of hunger. We do not want such officials

Registering government hospital employees back again in the confines of the public administration is a resource for all their problems, so when will the concerned ministries turn to them and give them their full rights?