| 1 March 2024, Friday |

How to earn thousands of dollars per click?

“Idiots make their fortune off the insane.” Yes, a phrase that summarizes the world of the famous TikTok, videos that deal with all issues: cooking, poetry, married life, jokes, insults… and sometimes they don’t deal with anything. The owners of the videos make thousands of dollars while the intellectual and diligent in his work seeks to collect pennies.
What is this new world? Who are the ones who make money from it, and the most important question is who pays the money to these people? Questions that only “TikToker” who earn dollars can answer with the click of a button.

So people pay “coins” for videos they like, a simple idea, just like paying money to watch a play, movie or series. Laughter and entertainment are not for free.

Gilbert became famous thanks to the clips he shoots. TikToker has become a better word than a businessman, doctor, professor or engineer.

At a time when doctors, engineers, and others work hard to earn money, TikToker gets it easily… Who said life is fair?!


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