| 28 May 2022, Saturday |

Introduction to news bulletin, Lebanon’s sovereignty or dependence?

Perhaps we are living through the most delicate stage in the modern history of Lebanon. The second republic, which was produced by the Taif Agreement, is shaking under the blows of the Amal duo – Hezbollah, which does not want the Taif Republic to live longer than it did.

The duo wants to exploit the weapons they possess inside Lebanon, and they also want to benefit from their surplus power to the maximum extent possible, which required them to commit to a dangerous policy based on consolidating the Lebanese collapse as a prelude to changing the constitution.

Hence the importance of the parliamentary elections, the 2022 edition. The current elections are not a struggle between political forces and parties over who owns the largest parliamentary bloc. In short, it is between those who believe in sovereign Lebanon and not being dependent on the axes, especially the Iranian axis, and those who want Lebanon’s neutrality and distance it from the region’s conflicts in order to focus on dealing with internal affairs, especially its collapsed socio-economic situation.

What will the Lebanese people choose? Will they choose Taif, peace and prosperity, or will they choose to strike Taif, wage wars throughout the region, and economic collapse? Therefore, dear Lebanese, your country needs you, and the electoral duty is calling you. Participat extensively in the elections, as “your votes are our legitimate weapon”.