| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Is monkeypox spreading among us?

Contrary to the cases of panic and fear that Lebanon and the Lebanese witnessed on the day the first infection with the Corona virus was confirmed, the Lebanese caught the first infection with monkeypox with some indifference.. No one cared and the issue went unnoticed… to this day!

It is possible that the people are bored and no longer differentiates anything with them. As for the real meaning, it is the Lebanese Ministry of Health, which for a long time was considered satisfied with declaring that it had monitored four cases of “monkeypox” virus in Lebanon, and reported 20 suspected cases without any details. Or a new follow up.
Today, with the increase in the numbers of infected people globally, the World Health Organization has declared a health emergency to avoid repeating the same mistake that occurred with the Corona pandemic. But where is Lebanon in all of this?
This disease is not a joke, especially since after it, there may be long-term complications related to vision or even loss. Are there specific recommendations on how to avoid exposure to the disease? And what about treatment methods?
Our health sector in Lebanon suffers from both problems, as there are no medicines, no hospitals, not even a doctor.. Will our country allow our country to falter with the new virus so that we may enter the cycle of the general winter closure again?

  • Sawt Beirut International