| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Joseph Aoun… President of the Republic?

In the midst of the collapses taking place, the collapse of the Lebanese pound against the dollar, and the lack of security and safety.. Lebanon languishes until now without a president. Four months and 11 presidential sessions did not succeed in producing a president who would pull Lebanon out of the bottom of hell that it reached..

However, it is remarkable today that the name of the army commander, Joseph Aoun, has emerged again to assume the presidency!

Joseph Aoun’s name began to appear on the presidential scene among the political parties, especially in the movements that topped the scene recently, so the approval of the socialist forces did not reject his election, and a remarkable visit by the representatives of the “National Moderation” bloc to Yarzeh to announce an “absolute support.”

And as usual, the opposition – the least so far – was emphasized by the Shiite duo with regard to putting forward the name of Joseph Aoun for the presidency, so Suleiman Franjieh’s chances are greater for the duo, and he intends to surround the army commander with the issue of constitutional amendment!

Will the efforts succeed in breaking the presidential stalemate, or will we witness more emptiness at the expense of the homeland?

  • Sawt Beirut International