| 29 November 2022, Tuesday |

Kidney patients… Time running out for subsidized treatment

Dr. Selim checks his list of patients daily to make sure that the number has not decreased. The news of lifting subsidies for the treatment of kidney patients raised his level of concern. The effort he made to be a pioneer in his department, is in jeopardy.
Twenty-eight dialysis machines are harnessed to treat one hundred and fifty-five patients.
The equipment of the device is imported, the price is in euros, and the energy to bear the pain is bearable, against the energy of affordability.
Time is not like a sword here, but it is a test of the patient’s patience added to the patience with illness.
Some spend it watching the other world. Others have no choice but to sleep, to alleviate suffering, even if temporarily.
The expiration of time has always been a profit for the dialysis patient, but it has come to mean losing a session from his treatment balance, a treatment whose continuation depends on the availability of a huge sum of money in a country where the majority, are now poor.