| 28 May 2022, Saturday |

“LADE” reveals irregularities in the expatriate voting

The electoral scene abroad topped the internal agenda and imposed itself as an undisputed event, in light of a high-level mobilization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which turned into an operations room that witnessed a crowd of media professionals, journalists, and researchers from civil monitoring bodies, both local and through the Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections “LADE”, or international, like the European Union mission. What are the most prominent violations recorded by the association in the expatriate elections? Does it affect the integrity of the entitlement?

What about the fears that these irregularities may be repeated in the residents’ elections?

Kayrouz clarified the truth about the diplomatic bag, whose photos spread on social media platforms and caused confusion about the correct way to transmit the votes.

Among the general observations made by the association’s observers in the expatriate elections, the polling stations were not ready to receive people with special needs, a scene that is repeated in Lebanon as well throughout the election cycles without any significant solutions

  • Sawt Beirut International