| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Lebanese Canadians vote for Lebanon

On the twentieth of this month, September, Canadians will cast their votes in the federal parliamentary elections, and among them are Canadians of Lebanese origin.

In Quebec, there are many Lebanese immigrants who will vote to have their voice heard in Parliament. Their demands are not related to services and privileges in Canada. Rather, they are demands for people who are suffering in Lebanon, and who pay the price of the years accumulated corruption.

Fadia Shaheen: “I vote every 4 years, since I had the citizenship, and as the country provides me, I am supposed to cast my vote to people who will help the Lebanese community, I also vote for helping our families in Lebanon and vacillate immigration procedures. This is the duty of every citizen in any country.

Jamie Harfouch: “of course it is very important for new Canadian government to help Lebanon and get closer to the Lebanese, and try to bring as much Lebanese to this country to have a decent life.”

There is no doubt, then, that the crises that Lebanon is witnessing, are prompting many Lebanese to vote for Canadian politicians who are familiar with Lebanon’s conditions, and may work to help their families and relatives there to overcome difficult times in the land of the cedars.