| 7 February 2023, Tuesday |

Lebanese hero, who was not disabled by wheelchair… Here is Ahmed’s story

Body’s inability, has never been the real inability, because we all know very well many people among us, with their full physical capabilities, but in reality, they are incapable of doing, or reacting, giving and receiving feelings. Incapable of love, ambition, will… Incapable of life. As for Ahmed, he is fully capable of life, with work and success… He is a man of will, and capabilities that go far beyond the limits of the body… Let us introduce to you Ahmed Al Ghoul.
Ahmed’s ambition did not stop at the limits of sports work, but moved in a wheelchair towards a higher ambition.
As many people complain about life’s difficulties. while standing on their feet, Ahmed stands firmly in his chair in the face of life… and smiles.
Ahmed is the biggest evidence that disability is not in the body, Ahmed has full capabilities, where a chair is not able of confining them.

  • Sawt Beirut International