| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

Lebanon back to Stone Age!

Apparently, the electricity and telecommunications sectors in Lebanon are racing to return Lebanon to the stone age and humiliate the Lebanese, coinciding with the general darkness of the country, and only one day after the union of employees of the “Ogero Authority” announced the open strike, the Hamra and Sidon phone centers went out, Al-Nahr, Beiteddine, Damour and Nabatiyeh are completely out of service.

The results of these malfunctions are still limited. As these are small, covering between 80 and 100 thousand subscribers, the danger is represented in the interruption of Ras Beirut Central and Al-Jdaide, as they serve as “entry and exit gates” for the Internet, to and from Lebanon.

If the employees do not reach a settlement, we may reach a time when internet services will stop in all of Lebanon, which was confirmed by Ogero General Manager Imad Kreidieh, to disrupt education, work, communication and many basic services.

Will the country return to the stone age, to become similar to the minds of a stoned political class that only succeeds by watching what is happening as if the does not concern them?

  • Sawt Beirut International