| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

Lebanon has been divided into two statelets, and the state has vanished!

Two major explosions hit Lebanon’s south in only one day: the first is physical, the second is moral. The initial explosion in Tyre’s Burj al-Shamali camp triggered a chain reaction that has killed at least 13 people. The issue doesn’t lie here, but rather that the explosion was caused by a Hamas weapons stockpile. Was the state apparatus aware of Hamas’s presence in the camp, which housed a weapons depot? Is it in charge of the camp, the warehouse, and the elements of the movement in Lebanon? Most likely not.

The state has abandoned its responsibility as a state in the face of illicit firearms. Just as Hezbollah has total authorization to dispose of its weapons, it appears that Hamas does as well! What is this country whose power has been divided between two countries? Is it permissible for a powerful covenant and a strong president to violate the sovereignty principle in such a way?

A political-judicial explosion is the second moral explosion. Judge Tarek Bitar insisted on implementing the arrest warrant issued against MP Ali Hassan Khalil. According to the information, despite his desire, the Director-General of the Internal Security Forces is unable to implement the memorandum.

What path will the political-judicial rams take? Are the politicians who stole, wrecked, and murdered the country for three decades sure that the hour of reckoning has arrived, or will they continue to think that they were and continue to be able to avoid blame and punishment? It’s a pivotal struggle.

If the politicians prevail, Lebanon will come to an end, whereas if the judiciary triumphs, a new and different Lebanon will emerge. Which of the Lebanese do you support? Which Lebanon do you prefer among the Lebanese?

  • Sawt Beirut International