| 6 October 2022, Thursday |

Lebanon will be exposed to new measures by Arab countries

Believe it or not, Lebanon’s response to the Arab paper, especially the item regarding implementing the Resolution 1559, will be asking the Arabs to form a committee to discuss the issue. This means in the Lebanese political literature, there is no answer or evasion from the answer, as the committees in Lebanon are considered the graveyard of decisions, but officials in power have not learned that the Arab mood has changed and that the security of the Arabs has become threatened from Beirut.

Of course, this is the unofficial Lebanese answer, according to Sawt Beirut International’s (SBI) information, because the data indicates Hezbollah’s refusal to discuss the terms of the Gulf paper at the Council of Ministers. Accordingly, an understanding was reached between President Michel Aoun and Najib Mikati, and the Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, but what about the largest group of Lebanese who support this paper and neutrality.

According to SBI’s information, the Gulf and Arab response will be very harsh, especially since this paper receives international support as well.

Lebanon is no longer what it used to be, as this country has changed and lost everything, even the Arab brothers.

  • Sawt Beirut International