| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Lebanon will fall apart if opposition does not band together!

We will never save Lebanon with this approach. The desired technique here is how the forces of sovereignty, transformation, and independence will fight conflicts in the Parliament. On May 16, with the announcement of the election results, we anticipated that the three forces would unite to achieve two goals: rid Lebanon of corruption and the corrupt and solidify the features of a capable state devoid of weapons, except those of legitimacy and the state.

Unfortunately, our double gamble did not pay off, at least for the time being. Sovereign, transformative, and autonomous forces continue to act as if everything is on the right track, or as if the Lebanese situation affords them the luxury of dispute and disagreement over a single confrontation approach.

No way, gentlemen. The situation is no longer bearable in a variety of ways. Lebanon will not accept your disputes, feuds, divides, and divisions any longer. You are up against a unified force led by Hezbollah and supported by an axis with financial, military, and diplomatic clout, known as the axis of resistance.

As a result, one of the easiest things you must do is unify behind a single vision and stick to an integrated combat approach. If you meet these two requirements, your fight with the other side will be a success. But if things continue as they are, there is no hope, and all bets on your endeavor to preserve Lebanon will be lost.

Will you live up to the expectations, or will you be a part of the big downfall?