| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Lebanon’s land transport on the road to collapse

There is no doubt that it is no longer tolerable. Lebanon is boiling and suffering from complete breakdown, all sectors are bleeding, paralysis is the title, and politics in general is completely empty and in a terrible decline, so that it no longer has any meaning in the face of this destruction.
The land transport sector, which constitutes an essential element in the Lebanese economy and plays a stimulating role for the economy, the movement of people and the transportation of goods, is also suffering today.

An endless crisis, it is a chronic problem that the Lebanese have always suffered from, and it is exacerbated today with the absence of the state, the scarcity of fuel and its high prices, and drivers groaning under the weight of the cost of living and the soaring price of the dollar.

Is escalation this time will be the solution?

All vital and basic sectors are collapsing in Lebanon, while those entrusted with the country are in a coma. No effort is being made to confront this collapse. There is no election of a president for the republic and no government.
The question that arises: Have we reached hell? Or is the road still in its infancy?


  • Sawt Beirut International