| 28 September 2022, Wednesday |

Lebanon’s response did not satisfy Arabs, amid seeking a behind scenes’ international resolution

While Lebanon awaits the Arab response to its response to the Arab and international initiative, diplomatic sources reveal that the impression left by the content of the response is dissatisfaction, while the sources confirm that the Arab and international conviction has become almost certain that the current authority is incapable of committing to any decision that would address the situation. And thus, according to the Arab and international decision not to abandon Lebanon, the course of its support, which started from the Saudi-French statement by identifying the fault points and the solution map, and which expanded into a joint initiative with the Gulf, Arab countries and America, will continue, until a UN decision can explicit the points mentioned in the Arab initiative. In the midst of this atmosphere, officials have received 4 basic messages from the Vatican, which go in line with France and America, which were carried by the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Paul Gallagher. The first message is to preserve the Christian role and stress that weakening the Christians will disorder the internal balance and the identity of Lebanon. The second message: The Lebanese officials should work for their country and not for their own interests. The third message is to secure justice for the victims of August 4 explosion. The fourth and important message is the call to stop using Lebanon for foreign interests. Finally the idea of ​​the Vatican sponsoring a Lebanese political dialogue seems unlikely after Gallagher affirmed that any dialogue of this kind, requires that all participants in the dialogue from various parties, direct a request from His Holiness the Pope.

  • Sawt Beirut International