| 4 March 2024, Monday |

Major General Othman to Sawt Beirut International: All problems will be resolved before elections

A few days after the meeting of the Supreme Defense Council and what was reported from the Director General of the Internal Security Forces regarding the lack of funds and fuel for the security forces, which might hinder their mission in securing the integrity of the parliamentary elections, we contacted Major General Imad Othman to see if there was any development in this regard. . Major General Othman’s response was that the words that was cited to him are not accurate, even if he admitted some problems that can be solved, the first of which is that there are insufficient members in the security forces. In 2018, there were between 3000 and 3500 members, and no new courses took place after that. As for the gasoline required for the mechanisms of the security forces on the election day, especially those charged with transporting the ballot boxes and the soldiers to the polling stations and later to the sorting centers in the Serail from each district, it was also secured, Othman revealed that there are small details that still need to be addressed, including the money needed for the expenses of the members, stressing that it will not be difficult to solve. It is known that members of the security forces now earn no more than 60 dollars in return for the absence of medical services. In response to his accusation of negligence in this matter, Major General Othman replied; Iam not a private company, medicine is the responsibility of the state, and I don’t have any money in the state.”

In any case, the Minister of Interior promised the best elections among the available capabilities, and his sources confirm complete readiness, let’s wait and see