| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

Maronite means “President of the Republic”

When the Mardaites came from Mount Jarjouma to Lebanon, to make from this land a drop of oil in a cup of Arab water, they wanted with their missions and their French accent, and with Charles de Gaulle’s hat lifted, to transform the Maronites of Lebanon into a utopia of democracy and prosperity.

With the anointing of the chrysalis of knowledge and the fragrance of the incense of steadfastness in Qannoubine, the Maronites marched through a great Lebanon, without the Syrian coast, so the cathedral of Catholicism does not count the Orthodox triumvirate neither in the drawing of the cross nor in the drawing of the distribution of power.

Maronites assumed the throne in Baabda, and major positions in Lebanon, with the title of “political Maronism” and the effect of the good days, a boom in money, a democracy that “cools” the free desert of Arab dictatorships.
Culture, arts, a French-covered country, a famous Swiss, a refuge for the brown frontmen from the sons of Ya’rub.

But the blessing of history and the “coquettishness” of Mount Lebanon, was burnt by the blessing of geography with the envious and sick brother of the inferiority complex. The presidency of the republic became a curse on the Maronites, a spoil that the Maronites fought for with the sword and the taste of blood. Is the Maronite knot the chair?

So is the knot of the Maronites is the “chair”?

Dr. Murad explains the importance of the first position in the political life of the Maronites, as the common history among the people is different from the truth.

With the election of a new president or the vacuum approaching, Lebanon will pay the price for the mistakes of the past, and the repetition of the mistake today.

The share of the Maronites in the division of powers in Lebanon is the presidency of the republic in the system of parity, so what if we reach the threefold?


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