| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

“Online” marriage and divorce, nursery in front of the clergy

In recent times, the world has been buzzing with online marriage, there is no longer a need to travel and humiliate public security to obtain a passport, nor humiliate embassies to obtain a visa, with just a click on the computer. Congratulations, you have married a civil marriage. Farewell to the clergy’s knife around your neck.

But the end is not happy for the story of civil marriage, the demons love details, and the talk is related.
Khalil and Nada were the first to get married online, and now they are crowning their marriage with the help of everyone who wants to get married via the computer. But the clergy have another opinion, an opinion that reveals what the joy of the internet hides.

Khalil and Nada are happy with the experience, with the consent of the parents and the community.

If the online habit goes, marriage will become easier, faster and without restrictions, but the lesson remains in the aftermath of marriage.
Online marriage may become a fashion in Lebanon, but we hope that “connection” will not be interrupted in these circumstances!


  • Sawt Beirut International