| 26 February 2024, Monday |

Medieval Lebanese power. Introduction to news bulletin


The Lebanese image in the capitals and cities of the world was really bright today. The Lebanese, tired of the conditions of their country and their dark reality, rose up against their situation and participated in the sweetest participation in the distinguished democratic wedding. Of course, there are loopholes that controlled elections in the countries of the diaspora, but the many loopholes did not strike the core of the democratic process. Only one thing that affected the voter turnout was the blundering of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in organizing the electoral process. Most likely, the aforementioned confusion is not spontaneous, but rather the result of strong pressure exerted by the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gebran Bassil, on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, specifically on Minister Abdullah Bu Habib. Hence the low voter turnout in some countries of the diaspora, and hence the resentment of a large number of Lebanese scattered from participating in the elections after they realized and were certain that the state does not want them and that the authority prefers that they stay away from participating in the national decision. This is normal as long as the state in our country adheres with its people to the famous Rahbani song: “You don’t think, we think about you.” Are we in the twenty-first century or in the darkness of the Middle Ages? Therefore, dear Lebanese: your country needs you, and the electoral duty is calling you. Participate heavily on the fifteenth of May.