| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

Mikati asks for solidarity from the Arabs.. His city outperforms the stricken areas

It is not insomnia that prevents her and her children from sleeping, but rather the need for the right to treatment. She was burned by want, and she lost everything she owned, she had a fracture that had not yet been repaired. Her son paid the toy tax and she was unable to pay his doctor.

The needs outweigh the possibilities, and are even longer than the working hours of the voluntary hospitalization workers here in Qoubbeh. As for those in need of hospital services, they were exhausted by sitting after a long search for a way out of their crises.

The efforts of the radio director of the path of improvement are focused on fundraising, not the number of listeners.
His media career changed, feeling with the people of his troubled region.

It is Tripoli where the richest people in Lebanon are, but it is the poorest in the Mediterranean. Today, the prime minister is asking for help from the Arabs, while his city has only asked for its right to live.

Simultaneously with the country’s prime minister asking for solidarity from the Arabs, the city to which he belongs is asking for what is simpler than the right, which is hospitalization in a country whose rulers have brought all incurable diseases to it.


  • Sawt Beirut International