| 3 October 2023, Tuesday |

Mikati’s chances overwhelming

Hezbollah works on preserving the 65 votes, it secured to Elias Abu Saab in the elections for the vice Presidency of the House of Representatives, so that the assignment to form the new government will go to Najib Mikati, who proved to the Shiite duo in the first place, and the Free Patriotic Movement in the second degree, that in addition to his professionalism in turning corners, He knows how to actually stand on the side of the axis of resistance, without confronting his opponents, and without antagonizing the Sunni street. Accordingly, Mikati’s credentials that were presented by his previous practices at the head of the executive authority, made him the most likely to be named, with a majority of 65 votes, as the president charged with forming the last Aounist era government.
So the whole issue is related to the way in which Hezbollah will deal with the ambitions of those who are seeking to become ministers, and those who seek to head the government, especially those who call themselves independents.
As for the sovereigns, the change-makers, and some independents, they will not be able to change Hezbollah’s will in this regard, because the total of their votes would not exceed 63 votes, if they were all united. In fact, the October 17 revolution, which managed to deliver 13 change- makers to the parliamentary symposium, and which changed the approach of public affairs for a large segment of the Lebanese people, was not able to change the way the tripartite system deals with political benefits and with economic and social files, nor did it succeed in particular in Controlling the ambitions of some newly elected representatives under the roof of the supreme Lebanese interest.