| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

More than 50% decline in prices of fruits and vegetables

After the entry of a Captagon shipment into Saudi territory via a load of pomegranates coming from Lebanon, the tense situation remains the same, and the Kingdom is adhering to its decision to prevent vegetables and fruits import from Lebanon.

This decision constituted a big blow to the agricultural sector, especially as Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states in general are among the largest importing countries of Lebanese production, and what made matters worse was Minister Wehbe’s irresponsible statements, which prompted farmers as well as all sectors to confirm their keenness on good relations with Saudi Arabia and all its brothers.

Agricultural dealer Abdel Hamid Al-Sayed told the “Sawt Beirut International” correspondent Ghassan Farran that “sabotaging Arab relations, especially with the Gulf states, causes a negative setback to  farmers, and we do not have oil and gasoline, and we do not have investments and tourism, we only have agriculture and it is being struck.” He added, “Just talking about The Gulf ban on importing, will lead  the prices of vegetables and fruits to drop by 50 percent immediately, knowing that 70 percent of the Lebanese people are farmers.

He stressed, “We have no interest in sabotaging relations with Arab countries, and officials must solve the issue. Our country is small and cannot absorb all products, so if the issue is not resolved , we are heading towards perishing.” He pointed out that “the Ministry of Agriculture did not fulfill its duty towards farmers, it is just pictorial.” Agriculture costs are high, and in dollars, we are the most expensive country in the Arab countries in terms of agriculture cost.

The question remains, what next? Especially since political and diplomatic crises follow, will we soon be on a date with a complete internal and external collapse of Lebanon?