| 24 May 2024, Friday |

More than 50% of people damaged by August 4th blast did not receive aid yet!

Lebanese did not expect their homes to be demolished over their heads in seconds on August 4, 2020, at exactly 6.8 minutes.

Within seconds, Beirut lost more than 200 victims, injured, ancient homes, buildings, shops, hotels and restaurants, worth billions of dollars in losses.

Following the storm, there was calamity, and the afflicted people woke up and did not find a single official by their side.

The Lebanese expatriates and the international community rushed to send in-kind and financial aid directly to non-governmental associations and also to humanitarian campaign organizers that are not registered with the Ministry of Interior…there is no confidence in the state!

After more than a year, a group of researchers toured the streets of Beirut and noticed that more than 50 percent of those affected did not receive aid.

In cooperation with the Samir Kassir Foundation, these details were published.

In the absence of disaster and crisis management work and the absence of planning, small associations received huge sums of money but unfortunately it wasn’t able to manage these aids properly.

The Lebanese Army established the emergency room after a period of aid distribution began and focused on field surveys and placed its logistical capabilities at the disposal of associations, as it does not have the financial means.

Ministries and security forces have disavowed the issue, so it is normal for this defect to occur.