| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Najib Mikati: Apologize!

There is no government to date, unless something unexpected happens. Baabda Palace departments respond to everyone who asks about the expected government: There is nothing new so far.

On the other hand, Mikati’s team is resentful of procrastination, and considers that wasting time is no longer in his favor. Mikati is aware of the complexity of the predicament, that’s why he avoids visiting Baabda Palace. Mikati’s talks with the President of the Republic are taking place through a mediator, which is a new and strange method to form a government.

Did Mikati despair of direct talks, frequent and quick visits to Baabda Palace, so he preferred not to confront? Rather, the same predicament is recurring.

When will Mikati realize that what happened with Mustafa Adib and Saad Hariri will inevitably be repeated with him, and that the Covenant team will not allow him to form a government that meets his request, and fulfills the conditions of the Club of Former Prime Ministers.

Mr. Mikati: You have said several times after being designated that your assignment is limited to a specific time, and that you do not want the assignment to be open and indefinitely. Why didn’t you take yet the courageous step? You know that Michel Aoun will not waiver the blocking third. Can you give him the blocking third? And you know that Aoun wants security and judicial control in preparation for the parliamentary elections, meaning that he wants the ministries of interior and justice. Can you accept that?

You also know that Aoun and his party want a government that will achieve everything they want on the eve of the upcoming presidential elections.

Do you accept to turn a pliable tool in the hands of Aoun? For all these reasons, Mr. Mikati: Apologize and reveal to the public what happened with you from a month till today.

It is an honor for you to apologize, and to reveal everything you know. Are you ready for that, or would you prefer to become another victim of Michel Aoun, and turn into Saad Hariri 2?

  • Sawt Beirut International