| 27 September 2021, Monday |

New “Gasoline kits” trend, what about their potential danger?

When leaders fail to address the compounded difficulties, and Lebanese are forced to queue for lengthy periods of time to fill up their gas tanks; when all avenues for escape become constricted, they look for solutions elsewhere. For gas shortage, the “pump,” or the gasoline pump, is the solution, which are now widely available in spare parts and hardware stores and may be found in almost every home.

One of the sellers explained to Sawt Beirut International’s reporter, Ghida Jbeily, that “the demand for pumps has risen to 50%. Some people can’t afford it, so they opt for the “hose”. The Korean one is worth 38,000 LBP, while the Chinese one is for 20,000 LBP.”

Pumps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they are a necessity for the fuel crisis kit and supplies, along with iron gallons and other fire-fighting materials. “There are customers who prefer to buy gallons of iron instead of anti-fire gallons made of plastic,” a salesman stated, and when asked about the price of a gallon, he answered, “Between 30 and 40 dollars per iron gallon, and between $20 and $25 for the plastic one.”

Obviously, necessity breeds inventiveness. The Lebanese people are continuously and tirelessly trying (to manage their lives). However, such equipment causes harm and endangers public safety by keeping them in our residences.