| 8 February 2023, Wednesday |

New medical catastrophe, the Lebanese market will lack originator medicines!

In Lebanon, which has always been known as the Hospital of the Middle East, the medical sector is on the brink of collapse, as it begins to lose its most important components gradually.

Doctors and nurses are emigrating the country, the prices of medicines are skyrocketing, and hospital bills are not affordable anymore. The crisis also extended to the agents of international pharmaceutical companies as well. Today, with the significant drop in the labor market, the complications that accompany all business, and the collapse of the lira against the dollar, major international pharmaceutical companies aim to reduce their activities in the local market, and even to exit completely by the end of this year.

The most dangerous of all of this is that these companies concerned with developing research and studies to develop advanced medicines will stop providing the medical sector with continuously developed medicines, especially those related to incurable and chronic diseases. Are there solutions that may be adopted by the concerned authorities, or there is no need for this?

So, clinical death is the closest description of what the medical sector suffers from in Lebanon, and today it is witnessing the last stage before its last breath.

  • Sawt Beirut International