| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

No Sunni boycott of elections!

The electoral battle’s features are getting clearer each day. Its identity is defined. First, it is between sovereigns who want Lebanon to regain its free decision, and between those who call themselves objectors, and in fact they are not objecting, but rather they are merely preventing Lebanon from returning to a time of affluence, prosperity and national decision. In addition to identity, the image of participation in the elections has become clearer for everyone. What was said and reported about the Sunni boycott of the electoral process falls every day. And the evidence is the number of lists in all Sunni-majority areas. In Beirut II, for example, ten lists are competing, and in Tripoli eleven lists, which confirms that the Sunni component does not want to give up its primary role in the homeland. The words of the Mufti of the Republic on Eid al-Fitr confirm the certainty. Mufti Abdul Latif Derian warned the Prime Minister and a number of community leaders of the danger of refraining from participating in the elections because it is the opportunity to achieve change. It is an advanced stance, as frustration and despair are not allowed, because they lead to failure and death. Therefore, dear Lebanese: your country needs you, and the electoral duty is calling you. Participated massively in the elections. “Your votes are our legitimate weapon, so we can extract them and prevail.”