| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

On Christmas eve dinner, Lebanese replace turkey with chicken, nuts with popcorn

People eagerly wait 364 days for the end of the year, for the spirit of this festive season with its melodies and beautiful songs, they wait for the bells to ring, and to see the children waiting for the moment to tear the gifts wrapped.

Christmas is coming this year with a heartbreak, amid a stifling socio-economic situation due to the irresponsible officials in Lebanon. But despite this situation, Lebanese will celebrate, and here we are visiting one of the Lebanese houses to see how they will celebrate tonight.

This applies to the Turkey and other foods that Lebanese have been deprived from eating it. What about the gifts for children?

May the Roman who rules us kills us, but despite that we will be born every day in the cave of Lebanon.

From this Lebanese house we offer our greetings, waiting for the Star of Bethlehem, telling us that great joy is coming for Lebanon, and for the good people.

  • Sawt Beirut International