| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

On the 17th anniversary of Hariri’s assassination an attempt to assassinate the Sunni community

The 17th anniversary of the assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was not like the previous ones, neither in form nor in content. The political and popular celebration that the head of the Future Movement Saad Hariri used to hold since his father’s assassination was absent this year, but rather replaced by a symbolic stand at the tomb of the martyred president, which was limited to a number of family members, representatives of the Future Bloc and a popular mobilization. Saad Hariri wanted to convey a clear message for the internal and external, which was obvious through the phrase written on one of his pictures: “The country will not experience anyone like him, and no one of the Sunni leaders will take his place.”

Hariri intended to remain silent. He also missed the annual speech in which he used to define through it the Future Movement’s political roadmap after he decided to suspend work in politics. In his commitment to keep silent, he wanted to emphasize his position not to run in the parliamentary elections, neither as a candidate nor in support of any candidate. He repeated that to the Future Bloc’s deputies in the meeting held on Sunday evening, which did not exceed half an hour.

Hariri was not satisfied with withdrawing from the elections, but went further, saying that the parliamentary elections will not make any change, and this is a message of frustration to most of the Lebanese who are counting on these elections to bring about change.

Hariri even advised his bloc’s deputies not to run because things would get more dangerous in the country and they would only get insults. A picture for MP Walid Baarini, who announced his candidacy in Akkar in violation of the decision of the head of his bloc, was raised among the crowds today at the shrine.

While waiting for more clarity on the scene within the Sunni community and the extent of the sect’s response to Saad Hariri’s demand, especially after Baha Hariri’s position, which contradicts his brother’s position and calls on the contrary to participate in the elections, the position of Dar Al-Fatwa and former prime ministers in refusing to vacate the Sunni arena for Hezbollah allies, becomes clear.

The state and its apparatus are most incapacitated in the face of the de facto forces. Less than a month after the conference organized in Lebanon by the Bahraini opposition forces, these same forces are holding two celebrations, one today and another tomorrow, in the southern suburbs of Hezbollah’s Resalat Hall, defying the decision of the Minister of Interior, which refused to give permission to hold such celebrations. The two celebrations take place within the municipality of Ghobeiry, which is supposed to be affiliated with the Ministry of Interior.

  • Sawt Beirut International