| 4 March 2024, Monday |

Outstanding Achievers in 2021

Unarguably, the judicial investigator into the Beirut Port explosion case Judge Tarek Bitar, was one of the main personalities who most caught the citizens’ attention in the last year. He was called the “stubborn” judge, as he decided to continue his investigation into the case despite all the obstacles and threats he faced from the political authority.

MP Gebran Bassil also attracted attention last year, as his name was on everyone’s lips since October 17 revolution, which dedicated him the slogan “Hella Hella Hella Ho” and he broke records at every television appearance.

William Noun, brother of Joe Noun, the victim of the August 4 blast, was one of the personalities that have been imprinted in the minds. With his “crude” and frank style, and his use of obscene words against anyone who obstructs the investigation, he has gained wide popularity, especially among Lebanese youth.

The President of the Republic, in turn, achieved high numbers on the communication sites, as he was famous for the saying, “He who does not see decent people in this state, let them emigrate”, in addition to his lapses in the media, which constituted a material of ridicule for the Lebanese and a measure of his unpopularity.

The former Information Minister, George Kordahi, also scored a goal among the public opinion.

Also, the official spokesman for the families of the August 4 explosion, Ibrahim Hoteit, recorded astonishment among the Lebanese when he announced his separation from the committee of the victims’ families and questioned the investigation path of Judge Bitar, although he previously announced his blind trust in the judge and his fear of politicians. Lebanese launched after his position the slogan, “after the slap’’.

Prime Minister Najib Mikati also played distinguished roles on the political life, as he cried for the Lebanese mother and then said that it is behind the divorce, which caused a wave of criticism on social media.

We did not intend to exclude Lebanese women from the report, but it became clear to us that she scored the highest ranks with her silent work, as many inspiring stories were carried out by women in 2021, but in silence and without lapses.

  • Sawt Beirut International