| 28 May 2022, Saturday |

Parliament approves the loss of depositors’ rights

Establishing exceptional and temporary controls on bank transfers and cash withdrawals, the title of the money and budget session. Representatives enact a law to save the country from collapsing from the pockets of depositors. The exception is a rule for them that is used to evade responsibility.
The application of the fabricated law to measure the benefits of the authority and the harms of citizens, will affect the international agreements signed by Lebanon.
He will ignore all the winning claims in favor of the depositors? It is the authority, once again, that perpetuates the non-accountability of its pillars in order to reach the empowerment of impunity.
The smuggling of hard currency took place under the cover of the ruling system, a system that did not find it difficult to protect the thieves after the collapse, as it was able to immunize the criminals after the biggest explosion.