| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Parliamentary elections either to be postponed or canceled?

At a time the stifling political and economic crisis is deteriorating, Lebanese are counting on the upcoming parliamentary elections to take revenge against the ruling political class which accused of corruption and driving the country to this dire situation.

Although the political forces dealt with the elections on the basis that it will be held, indications confirm that there are still some parties betting on postponing them or even “cancelling,” in order to remedy any unexpected results that might remove them from power.

The greatest fear is coming from the Lebanese expatriates, as the number of registered participants in the elections reached more than 244,000, and the Ministry of Interior has approved the requests of more than 230,000 expats. The majority of the expats has expressed their dissatisfaction with the ruling class in Lebanon. This “Strong Lebanon” bloc has responded to this decision, by submitting an appeal against the electoral law amendments to limit expatriate votes again to 6 deputies.

Although there is great pressure internally and internationally to hold the elections, which would reach to an extent of imposing harsh international sanctions on the obstructionists, but the repetition of the Dentists Syndicate elections may be the last haven for them.

So, the scenarios presented are three: extending the term of the current Parliament for one year to elect the next president, or going to a balanced extension for Parliament and the Presidency to a period of 3 years, or going through Parliamentary elections.



  • Sawt Beirut International