| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Poor internet .. losses and repercussions on everything

The breaking news has become slow. The focus is on the response of the internet service to send the news.

More than focus, perhaps on the accuracy of its content. Muhammad needs more than once to leave his office and review the head of the period to check on the emergence of the news.

The appearance of the same pace is no longer on television, the emergence of its repetition of cell phones. The number of news decreases by default, while the reality of the country is witnessing a huge amount of news as a result of the collapse.

The losses resulting from the continuous interruption of the Internet on the Lebanese economy was the title of an emergency conference for the Internet Association in Lebanon.

Under the roof of the Press Club, opponents agree in politics that the economic catastrophe threatens many companies as a result of the poor Internet.

From here everything begins, the Augiro logo remained a sign that contradicts and the reality is, the reality says from here it is feared that everything will end. The idea of ​​snows is faster than the mail and outperform the internet speed.

Eight thousand citizens are deprived of service. Their requests are stuck or suspended on the hopes of the return of the electrical current to sectors threatened by darkness and threatening to return to the covenants of darkness.

Private companies whose economy depends on the Internet is also linked to state steroids. The same country where communication fades between its departments. The state that goes to the scene of the complete backwardness in it. The most prominent of the total discontinuation of communication with nationals.

  • Sawt Beirut International