| 18 May 2024, Saturday |

President Aoun: Play your role, use your powers!

Is what the Lebanese are experiencing a reality, or is it an unreasonable and unacceptable Hollywood movie? The truth is that what we are experiencing a nightmare, which is not only manifested by outages in gasoline, power, and medicine that we can tolerate it even for a while. But what is intolerable is the performance of Lebanese officials, especially the President of the Republic.

This morning, on the commemoration of Ashura, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, confirmed that the first Iranian ship loaded with fuel oil will sail within hours from Iran to Lebanon, and that other ships will follow it.

Nasrallah accompanied his announcement with an offensive defense, as he threatened the Americans and Israelis that from the first moment the Iranian ship sailed to Lebanon, Hezbollah would consider that it had entered the Lebanese territory. So, Nasrallah raises his finger again in the face of everyone and defies everyone including the Lebanese state.

Where is the President of the Republic from Nasrallah’s announcement? How can he be a dishonest witness and to keep silent about Nasrallah’s replacement of the Lebanese authority?

Doesn’t Aoun realize that these practices may lead to disasters on Lebanon, because the sanctions imposed on Iran bans it from exporting any goods to other countries? More than that, isn’t Nasrallah’s warning a threat of war from Lebanon against Israel and the United States? If Israel is an enemy state, what about the threats of the United States?

Is this the Lebanese foreign policy that we want to adopt? If the answer is yes, then the President of the Republic must announce this and support Nasrallah.

But if the Lebanese position is different, let the President announce it frankly and clearly. President Aoun: You are the supreme commander of the armed forces, so do what your national conscience dictates to you. Put an end to Nasrallah’s superiority and practices.

That is your greatest power, so behave accordingly, and do not destroy your covenant by being distracted in irrelevant secondary powers. The President’s powers are historical, national, and not related to gaining portfolios and ministries. So, do you dare to practice your power even once in your era?

  • Sawt Beirut International