| 26 February 2024, Monday |

Pressure and intimidation in the Shiite-majority circles… What is the reason?

The intimidating practices that put pressure on candidates in the Shiite-majority constituencies close to Hezbollah continue, which began in the south in the second and third constituencies and continued and is still in the Baalbek-Hermel constituency. Why does the party resort to these practices as long as all polls confirm that it will maintain its parliamentary bloc?

It is clear that Hezbollah resorts to putting pressure on the candidates, especially the Shiites, by various means in the constituencies in which its environment constitutes the majority, out of its fear of any penetration of another Shiite voice, to prevent the penetration of pluralism into its environment. The other does not have to be an opponent in politics or carry a project other than the party’s, and the examples of that are many. “Together toward change”, for example, in the third district of the South, the majority of which is from the Communist Party, speaks in the name of the resistance and its discourse does not differ from that of Hezbollah, but despite that it was subjected to repression. .

And as in the south, also in the northern Bekaa, where Hezbollah is aggressive in Baalbek-Hermel to block the list of Lebanese forces and Shiite candidates opposed to the party.

And the party’s persistence in this constituency to the extent of beating one of the candidates and shooting at an electoral meeting, and prompting three Shiite candidates to withdraw, all because the numbers show that there is a real chance for a Shiite deputy to oppose Hezbollah and may join the Lebanese Forces bloc, which the party will not accept.

  • Sawt Beirut International