| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Relatives are “scorpions”!

Who among us does not have cousins, aunts and uncles relatives who hate him and do not wish him well?! Who among us does not have relatives who are jealous of his success, destroying his resolve? They make fun of his achievements in life?! Yes, we all have such relatives, our sucess kills them, they fight us, turn their failure in life into a projection towards us by throwing accusations, labels and rumors, they turn their lack of ambition or lack of realization into hatred and envy towards us. Are relatives really scorpions?

What does psychiatry and social medicine think about this issue?

So, blood kinship carry their matching white and red blood cells in the physical genes only, and positive feelings such as love, support and loyalty, they are not red blood but black intentions!

The kinship should not have to be by names and nicknames on the records of the records and the deletion lists, the kinship should be with the awareness of the mind and the heartbeat.
If you are hated by your relatives, then succeed more to increase their complexion towards you, or look for relatives outside the kinship area!

  • Sawt Beirut International