| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Residents suffer from water shortage in Sidon

The Lebanese wakes up daily on a bundle of living crises, and his morning begins with the water cut off. Even washing hands and showering have become one of the daily burdens to the citizens.

In the villages of Sidon and its suburbs, residents pay three water bills. One for the Lebanon Water Company, another for water tanks, and the third for drinking water. The owner of a water tanker said “Sawt Beirut International” correspondent Sarah Shehadeh, “we sold 160,000 liters until two o’clock this afternoon. Our prices are cheap. The price of a thousand liters of water is 25 thousand pounds. Knowing that if we calculate the cost of transportation, and the salaries of the workers, we are not profiting from selling water”. Another said, “We need gasoline to pump water.                 And if I fill up 3 liters of gasoline, it is only sufficient for two working hours. So, if I stand in line for two hours to get gasoline to use it for two hours, how will I work?”.

In this context, the South Lebanon Water Corporation clarified in a statement that “most of its main stations have stopped pumping water due to the cutting off of the public electric service line from some of its stations, and the harsh rationing of others”. The water seller said, “Cutting off the water from Sidon is disastrous. Water is cut off in eastern Sidon, Abra, Hilalia, Majdelyoun, Maghdouche, Sirob and others, but the residents took precautions by placing tanks under the buildings. Our problem is related to fuel loss”.

  • Sawt Beirut International