| 1 February 2023, Wednesday |

Rifi to SBI: “Hezbollah is an illusion created by our weakness, its days are numbered”

Major General Ashraf Rifi considered that “the mobs are the ones killing people without any guilt and protect the killers. We all know that Khaldeh’s son, Hassan Ghosn, was killed in cold blood while he was unarmed, and his family demanded justice and law enforcement, but 11 months passed without anything changing.”

In an interview with “Sawt Beirut International” correspondent Ibrahim Fatfat, Rifi said, “The Arab tribes wait for up to 40 years to take their revenge, and the natural equation is, either to apply justice or to seek revenge, while Hezbollah wants to imply  a second equation, we kill your son and if you demand the arrest of the killer, we will kill you.” He also talked about the Shibli family’s provocation, during the deceased funeral, “a military parade and gunmen, and weapons and ammunition were transferred to Ali Shibli’s villa before the funeral, which caused the situation to explode.”

Rifi stressed that “Hezbollah’s weapons destroyed the country. On May 7, we saw what happened, and prior to that, Nasrallah demanded that the road to the south be open, and this is a certain matter, but when the roads to the Grand Serail got violated for months without accountability, we will tell you the country is not yours.”

He considered that “Nasrallah has prepared 3 of four components, that destroyed the country and isolated it from Arabs for Iran’s sake, and it also wants to sever Lebanon’s relations with Western countries and turn it into an Iranian province,” stressing that “this cannot happen, no one will accept to live by Nasrallah’s rules”, pointing out that “the dirty Iranian role in the region has ended, and Iran’s arms are about to end.”

Rifi added, “Hezbollah is the creation of our weakness, and its days are numbered. Hezbollah is a big lie, and some of the leaders of March 14 proved their weakness towards it.”