| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

Roumieh… What is the prisoners’ message?

The water in Roumieh prison is fatal. The pollution in it revived all kinds of germs that killed the prisoners, and the doctors were unable to diagnose some cases, but the severe cases ended in death. Yes to death…

What is happening cannot be interpreted as negligence by the security forces. Security sources confirmed to Sawt Beirut International that what is happening is a complete inability of those concerned to combat any disease, noting that the collapse inside the prison is worse than what happened outside it.
This inability led to the death of two other prisoners in less than 24 hours as a result of their failure to receive treatment. The prison administration as a whole is unable to transfer prisoners to hospitals,
It is also unable to bring them to court.
The time bomb in Rome on a date with the explosion. Roumieh prisoners are subjected to death sequentially. And if the sun of releasing an amnesty law did not shine on the oppressed among them,
Security reports warn of the possibility of a rebellion or an escape in the dark night.
A process that will not be the same if the situation continues.

  • Sawt Beirut International