| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Sally Hafez surrendered herself to the judiciary

The activity returned to the so-called Palace of Justice in Beirut.

Sally Hafez surrendered to the state security apparatus,
In turn, the apparatus took her to the investigating judge, Charbel Abu Samra.
And waiting for her were her comrades who participated in the storming of Bloom Bank on the fourteenth of last September.
From ten thirty in the morning until one thirty, the investigation procedures took place with her.
To the General Directorate of State Security, Hafez moved with her sister, Ikram, the owner of the financial deposit, to complete the paperwork.
After about a month, work was back on Bloom Bank.
But with tighter door protection measures,
The doors that have been opened again for depositors who, in turn, may turn intrusively to recover money they consider stolen from them by the power of the banking party.
The Sally Hafez case opened the door to hundreds of cases to increase the accumulation of dispute files between banks and depositors with the judiciary. Conflicts that started with the storming of banks, but their end is linked to the end of Lebanon’s crisis, which entered the unknown.

  • Sawt Beirut International