| 27 September 2021, Monday |

“Sawa for Lebanon” launches billboard campaign, calls for lifting immunities

A year after a monster explosion at Beirut’s Port, but Lebanese authorities still obstructing and delaying the investigation.

Members of Parliament colluded to sign the petition of shame to protect those who claim to be their enemies in politics and who should be subject to investigation after Judge Tarek Bitar asked for lifting their immunities.

Indeed, the corrupted rulers and officials were striving to protect themselves after failing miserably to protect their society.

Sawa for Lebanon’s belief in the dire need for punishing criminals has prompted it to launch a campaign on the occasion of the fateful August 4, under the title “Lifting Immunities”. The campaign included billboards in Beirut streets, from Bechara El Khoury, passing through Dora and Al Murr Tower in Verdun.

With this campaign, “Sawa Lebanon” called for the independence and transparency of the judiciary to achieve justice and hold those involved accountable.