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Sawt Beirut International news bulletin, June 23, 2022

The era of calamities and crises!

The void starts today. In the figure, the new designated prime minister is Najib Mikati. The latter is the chief of necessity. That is, he was chosen again, not because he was the best, but because he could not be better than he was. Most of those who named him believed that the short period between his nomination and the election of a new president of the republic was not worthy of changing the prime minister.

If Mikati formed his government tomorrow, its lifespan would not be more than four months, if the presidential elections take place on the constitutional date set between the first of September and the end of October.

It is likely that those who named Miqati knew that they call the vacuum. Mikati most likely will not be able to form his government, because he is at odds with the President of the Republic, as a result of his radical and deep disagreement with Gibran Bassil.

Therefore, President Aoun will not facilitate his task and will not support him in the formation process. Rather, he will most likely not sign a decree to form a government that Gibran will not be satisfied with. As long as Mikati will not give Gibran Bassil at the end of the era what he wants, the former will remain the caretaker prime minister and the designated prime minister, and he will not become an actual prime minister.

It is a new dilemma added to the dilemmas that the strong covenant has placed on our path. Will the final impasse before he bids farewell to us at the end of October be unrepentant? It is an era that was not strong except by generating calamities and crises!

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