| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

Sawt Beirut International’s first Ramadan Iftar

The “Sawt Beirut International” platform hosted its inaugural Ramadan Iftar on Saturday sunset at the Coral Beach Hotel in Beirut, in the presence of a gathering of religious, social, and media luminaries.

For the occasion, Jerry Maher, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Media Adviser to Sheikh Baha Hariri, delivered a speech via the Zoom application in which he thanked all the media and employees of Sawt Beirut International who contributed to the institution’s success, emphasizing the institution’s continued work despite all rumors.

Diana Fakhoury, Director of Programs at Sawt Beirut International, stated that the platform’s development is ongoing and has not yet begun.

The event, presided over by journalist Majed Bou Hadeer, comprised a video presentation of the many programs offered by the Sawt Beirut International platform, as well as a greeting to the News Bulletin team, which included media professionals, presenters, and reporters.

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