| 22 July 2024, Monday |

Say goodbye to diseases

It is true that in recent decades the world has witnessed the formation of new diseases or even the spread of old diseases, but there are always those on the lookout. The owners of white “robes” and spirits full of determination, the soldiers of medicine, who fight with the tools of scientific development, are themselves like white blood cells, like body enzymes, like endorphins that strengthen the immune system of human survival. The most recent of these technologies is stem cell therapy or

Stem cells
Which gave patients around the world hope for a long life.
Dr.. Charbel Khalil, a specialist in hematology and stem cells, gives good tidings to the Lebanese.
In addition to healing from many diseases. Stem cell therapy has become a necessity and a ‘healthy safety’.
So people are on a date with hope, for a new day where there is no pain or fear, but rather a life like a child’s cell that is not killed by disease.
For all patients suffering from difficult diseases, stem cell therapy opens the dead end of conventional medicine… eh in hope

  • Sawt Beirut International