| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Serious initiative for government formation, trio American-French and Saudi meeting to resolve crisis

For the first time, there are serious talks about a resolution for government formation, which is the scenario that we’ve talked about last week, after the tripartite meeting between the Americans, French, and Saudis.

This scenario has become the closest to implementation, and stipulates that Hariri will head towards Baabda Palace with his proposal, and if President Michel Aoun rejects it, then he apologizes. Then the state will form an election government that would implement minimum reforms, which can help the country withstand and survive until the elections date next March.

Things will be decided within few days, according to well-informed sources, although news seems conflicting with regard to Hariri’s meeting with Berri. Sources confirm that the meeting actually happened in Ain al-Tineh, far from the media, at a time another sources deny this.

Things are expected to be revealed after Hariri’s meeting with former Prime Ministers. Hariri’s apology is also linked to guarantees that he seeks after his apology, mainly from Arabs.

According to sources,  Hariri is still waiting for the Egyptian president to set a date for him, while he is expected to meet with the Foreign Minister of Qatar, who will visit Beirut on Tuesday afternoon, in an attempt to solve the crisis. It is noteworthy that the Foreign Minister’s visit, which is for one day, will also include a meeting with the Army Commander General Joseph Aoun.

Will Hariri partake in naming his successor? The sources deny this and confirm that Hariri rejected what the duo proposed as being a partner in naming the new prime minister designate. He will work for the Parliamentary elections as an opponent, similar to what his father did before.

As for Hariri’s alternative, it seems that Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s name was excluded after he stipulated heading the government after the elections. This scenario was rejected by Hezbollah. That’s why talks have returned to what has been previously mentioned about assigning the Minister of the Interior, Mohammad Fahmy, or Aliwaa’s editor-in-chief Mr. Salah Salam.

Anyway, the Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah has announced on Monday that the upcoming few days should be decisive regarding the long-awaited formation of the new government, and that the imminent meetings would draw a “clear governmental course”.

From a while ago, we have been told about an additional element, as there is information about summoning the Saudi ambassador, Waleed Bukhari to Riyadh, for reasons that weren’t announced, and will return to Beirut be before next Thursday. Will the Saudi ambassador come back with the password that would resolve the governmental crisis?

The guarantees that Hariri requested after the apology, is maintaining his Sunni leadership, not opening judiciary cases, and whether he have to quit from the political course completely.

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