| 5 December 2022, Monday |

Shall we say Au revoir to the French language in Lebanon?

When you know that the word “Sin El Fil” is of saint Theophile’s origin, and that the word sofa is from canape, and Tabaris is tabac-Paris, and many other words, you will then be sure of the impact of the French language on us.

But we the people of “Hi, Kifak, Ca va”, are starting to lose the “ca va” and using more bro and good. Yes, we have been “Americanized” like the rest of the people on earth. Is there a need after today to learn the French language? And shall we say au revoir for this language in Lebanon?

So, it is not the language of salons, and it is not a “pampered” language that is not worthy of men. It is the language of the culture of medicine, philosophy, and the revolution of justice, freedom and fraternity.

When France moved away from the political arena in Lebanon, the language moved away with it. Will the French language return to its glow, after it return to the political arena?! On verra

  • Sawt Beirut International